High-precision machining service since 2005. We are not just machining components. We are machining dreams.

Our Services

high precision_machining for vane


Has a variety of imported high-precision equipment, such as CNC Turning Machine, Centerless Grinder, Double Side Profile-lapping Machine, etc. Dimension  tolerances can be controlled within 5um…

Accurate Measurement for pump vane

Accurate & Measurement

Have all kinds of high precision measuring instruments to ensure that every part is qualified. Like CARL ZEISS CMM,  Spectrum Analyzer,  Roundness Measuring Equipment, etc…

Customization Machining


Provide customized high-precision parts according to the drawings, while ensuring that each part is customer requirements.

Why us?

High-Precision Equipments

Imported high-precision equipment, especially for precious metal processing parts with sub micron tolerance.

Accurate Measurement

Have all kinds of import measuring instruments that meet the requirements of all parts.

13 Years Experience

Has 13 years experience in producing all kinds of pump blades/vanes, motor vanes, compressor vanes and motor rollers.

ISO Certificates

ISO 9001: 2008

ISO/TS 16949:2009

Competitive Pricing

Provide competitive prices according to customer requirements.

Great Support

Whether it is technology, quality, or after-sales, we can provide the great support for you.

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